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Veneers Grand Rapids DentistDental veneers have become a very popular cosmetic dentistry treatment.  Today, many will choose to get veneers because it is an easy procedure in which you can cover-up your dental imperfections. Whatever your reason for wanting or needing restoration, Dr. Jonathan Eagle is available as your go-to dentist in Grand Rapids for veneers.  Find out if dental veneers might be the right choice for your smile enhancement by scheduling an appointment with us today. 

The Treatment: Getting Your Veneers in Grand Rapids

During the placement of your veneers, Dr. Jonathan Eagle will prepare your teeth for the veneer.  A small part of your natural tooth structure may be removed in order for the veneer to accommodate your tooth. It is a simple procedure in which the veneer will simply cover the teeth you are discomforted by.
As soon as your teeth are prepared an impression of your teeth will be taken using a special alginate that is then sent off to a dental laboratory to fabricate your veneers.  Once your new veneers are created, Dr. Eagle, Grand Rapids dentist, will place and adjust them to give the perfect look before they are permanently placed onto the surface of your teeth. 
Veneers can cover a wide range of dental blemishes to help you achieve the flawless smile you have always dreamed of.  Listed are a few reasons you may consider dental veneers:
  • Natural wear and tear – As you grow older, your teeth will naturally wear down just like your shoes as you wear them. 
  • Crooked Teeth – Your teeth can naturally be crooked or can become crooked over time with age.  Crooked teeth can be treated using braces or Invisalign, but with veneers you can get an instant straighter smile. 
  • Accidental damage – A common problem is that you can chip or damage your teeth due to trauma involved in sports. 
  • Damaged teeth – Your teeth can naturally fade and look discolored or stained with age or as a result of certain medications. 
In only a few easy visits, you can have a permanently beautiful smile without shots, drilling, or pain.  A consultation with Dr. Jonathan Eagle, your dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, can help in deciding if the treatment of veneers is a good alternative for your smile.  Take the next step to a healthier looking smile with a trip to our Grand Rapids, MI dentist, Dr. Eagle.